Capture Tokyo: Ginza

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Sunday Afternoon in Ginza

Another lazy afternoon in Ginza. Sometimes it’s nice to skip the train and just walk around the area for the day. The government closes the streets every Sunday so pedestrians are free to leisurely stroll about. I end up going to Ginza quite often especially when my parents are in town. The walk is about 20-minutes from my apartment, so it’s not too bad and by taxi it’s even shorter. Ginza is generally more of an upscale shopping area geared towards older women, affluent elderly business men and tourists, so it’s not really one of the places my friends like to hang out or go drinking at. I might’ve dragged them occasionally though, since there’s this delicious Chinese restaurant I love there! Anyway, I’ve found plenty of delicious restaurants in the area so I’ll probably post about them later on♥︎


4 thoughts on “Capture Tokyo: Ginza

  1. justgeeklyfab says:

    I’d love to hear more about Ginza! It sounds super chill. It’s great that the roads are closed on Sundays, you get to enjoy a nice stroll! Looking forward to reading about these delicious restaurants you’ve been to in Ginza.

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    • hawaiichu says:

      Ginza really is a lovely place to stroll about, especially with all the great stores and restaurants! Thank you so much for your kind words❤ I’ll try posting about my restaurant recommendations around Tokyo soon!

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  2. Aima says:

    I feel the same! Shopping there is so posh and mostly for older people, but Ginza is so pretty (especially at night!) and feels so quintessentially “Tokyo” that’s it’s a must-see.

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    • hawaiichu says:

      I know what you mean! I rarely buy clothes at the stores but it’s nice just to walk around★ It’s a great place that everyone should experience at least one haha!


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