Capture Tokyo: It’s a Small World


It’s a Small World, Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland will always one of my happiest places (on earth!) to visit ever since I was little! Luckily for me, there is a Tokyo Disneyland not too far from my house (less than hour or so from Tokyo station). I was a little disappointed when I first went and realized California Disneyland has more attractions than its Japanese counterpart. The Tokyo Disneyland in comparison is much smaller and the atmosphere is a little different compared to California Disneyland or Florida Disney World. However, I will say I find it amazing how the park is geared truly geared all ages from families to middle schoolers to university students to couples. Disney Japan does a great job providing entertainment for people of all ages. Disneysea even serves beer and alcohol to go with the romantic fireworks show over the late at night or the smooth gondola ride in the river! Lastly, I just want to warn you that the matchy-matchyness we occasionally see in Asian fashion (i.e. couples wearing the same clothes or friends wearing the same shirt), drastically multiplies in Tokyo Disneyland. In Japan, it’s apparently quite popular among the younger crowd to wear matching outfits in the park. I’ve even seen couples on a double date wearing all identical outfits. All four of them had the exact same clothes! In any case, Tokyo Disneyland is a great place to spend the day and forget about your worries. Try to make good use of your fast passes though as the crowds can be horrendous!


11 thoughts on “Capture Tokyo: It’s a Small World

  1. A. says:

    Is the Tokyo park as crowded as Florida’s? I have always wanted to travel to Japan and while I don’t like amusement parks I think it would be fun to see this one. I never knew there was a matching outfit epidemic there! It would be interesting for a photo journalism essay, for sure. Thanks for the tips and post!

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    • hawaiichu says:

      If you go on a weekday/non school holiday the crowd actually isn’t too bad, but Sat/Sun/national holidays are quite dreadful (around the same as Florida if I remember correctly), haha! I’m so glad to hear the matching outfits could be of reference to you and thank you for your kind comment. I’d love to read your essay if you ever write one up on it! They all have such unique styles of matching as well, so it truly fascinating for me★

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      • A. says:

        I hope to do it someday! I have only been to the Florida park when I was a little girl. Scary that it was over 20 years ago.. I feel old now haha! I just never wanted to go back as an adult because I hear the crowds there have become extreme. So, I am eager to try a park in a different country where they cater to adults as well. And this matching… I have just got to see it! haha!

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      • hawaiichu says:

        You definitely should if you get the chance! I know they also just opened another Disney park in Shanghai this year. I’d love to check that out as well, but I’m so scared of the crowd! I feel like it’d be 10x worse than the California and Tokyo ones!

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  2. kokodynia says:

    I think those people are a double twins – girls twins are dating with boys, who are also twins. Here in Poland is popular custom, that twins are wearing the same outfit and haircut, but rather it happens in the case of girls… It’s very interesting and must be amusing to see it 🙂

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  3. iamacreativebastard says:

    Nice post, but I wish if you would have kept some paragraphs, instead of a single whole sentence 🙂 Personal opinion.
    Oh! btw I am trying and learning japanese, and have made few friends who are guiding me in it. Would love if you can join too.

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