Taste Japan: Butter Corn Ramen


Butter Corn Ramen at Sapporo’s Ramen World

Beer, seafood, ramen…. and milk products! Four delicacies everybody must try when visiting Sapporo. Unfortunately for me, the last time I went to Sapporo I caught a severe case of the flu, leaving me unable to drink beer or milk…. but luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on some of Sapporo’s famous butter corn ramen! On our last night, we were able to visit the famous Sapporo Ramen Kyowakyoku, otherwise known as Ramen World, and I was able to order the famous dish. The buttery warm soup broth was absolutely delicious and perfect on a chilly Hokkaido night. The corn surprisingly meshed together well with the noodles! I will say that butter corn ramen is definitely second on my favorite ramen list (after tonkotsu ramen, of course)! For all those ramen lovers out there, I would definitely recommend going to the Sapporo Ramen Kyowakyoku if you get the chance. There are tons of little ramen shops to try with all sorts of specialties to choose from!


Taste Tokyo: Rangetsu


imageWagyu Beef at Rangetsu, Ginza

One of my best Tokyo secrets is the Ginza lunches. While most high-end restaurants in Ginza can cost up to hundreds of dollars per person for dinner, these restaurants give crazy discounts on their menus during the day. My dad loves high quality meat, so we often visit Ginza to get our fill of A5 wagyu. Rangestu, one of our favorite restaurants, is famous for their sukiyaki dinner. It’s quite pricey ranging about 15,000~20,000 yen per person for dinner, but I can honestly say it’s worth the price! The beef is seasoned perfectly and simply melts in your mouth. The waitresses also dress in traditional Kimonos and cook your food at your table creating quite a lovely experience. During lunch, the restaurant sports a more casual feel and the lunch sets (pictured above) go for around 1,500~2,000yen. Despite the drop in price, I can assure you the beef is just as delicious!

Capture Japan: Nagano Daisies

Daisies in Nagano

A short post from my short trip to Nagano. The yellow daisies by the side of the river were in full bloom, so I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures! It was so relaxing and the air was fresh and temperate up in the mountains. I would love to have stayed a little longer☆

Capture Hawaii: Omiyage

Hawaii Omiyage

Whenever I travel, there’s one thing I can’t afford to forget! Omiyage. It’s always custom for my family to bring a little something back for our family, friends, and coworkers whenever we travel. The tradition of omiyage or souvenirs originally stems from Japanese culture; however, it’s still strongly practiced in Hawaii! It’s quite similar to the Hawaii local custom of never showing up empty handed when visiting someone’s home. Anyway, this time I brought back some goodies from Hawaii for my friends and coworkers in Japan: Big Island Candies chocolates, Hawaiian Cookie Company cookies, Li-hing powder, Li-hing gummies, Kona coffee, lilikoi butter, hibiscus tea, and Maui garlic salt! It’s always interesting to see what people bring back from their travels






Capture Tokyo: Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Tower

I finally made the trek from my apartment to visit Tokyo Tower. I always knew it was walk-able from my apartment, but I just never realized how close it really was. I remember visiting here a while back, when I was still in college. For some reason, I’ve always preferred Tokyo Tower over Tokyo Sky Tree. It has a more rustic charm and I think it adds a little something special to the Tokyo night skyline… For those interested, they were also holding some sort of limited time One Piece event at the tower (unfortunately, I didn’t quite get to see what the special occasion was)!

Capture Japan: Lake Ashi


Torii Gates at Lake Ashi, Hakone

I recently visited Hakone over Obon break with my friend who I hadn’t seen in over a year. Hakone is generally known as a resort area and it’s the perfect summer getaway, especially since it’s located in the mountains making the area much cooler and bearable than Tokyo. My friend and I ended up staying overnight at a cute ryokan or traditional Japanese inn we found last minute. Next to our ryokan there was an onsen theme park with wine onsen, green tea onsen, sake onsen, coffee onsen, etc. My favorite was the sake onsen. I honestly thought going to the onsen in the summer was the worst idea ever but the cool Hakone weather made me change my mind, since the hot spring water felt so amazing in comparison. We spent a few hours at the park before lounging around at the inn watching the Olympics. Next time hopefully I can stay for a few extra nights, haha!

Taste Tokyo: Kailua Weekend


Acai Bowls at Kailua Weekend, Shibuya Hikarie

Coconut Mango and Very Berry Acai Bowls! Although I was a little hesitant with my order, the coconut/mango combination was quite delicious! It was like a little taste of home and was perfect for a mid-afternoon snack. Very refreshing! On a side note, I had the grilled chicken dish last time I came here and that was also to die for. I love the menu since it’s like a healthy tropical fusion cuisine!