Capture Hawaii: Omiyage

Hawaii Omiyage

Whenever I travel, there’s one thing I can’t afford to forget! Omiyage. It’s always custom for my family to bring a little something back for our family, friends, and coworkers whenever we travel. The tradition of omiyage or souvenirs originally stems from Japanese culture; however, it’s still strongly practiced in Hawaii! It’s quite similar to the Hawaii local custom of never showing up empty handed when visiting someone’s home. Anyway, this time I brought back some goodies from Hawaii for my friends and coworkers in Japan: Big Island Candies chocolates, Hawaiian Cookie Company cookies, Li-hing powder, Li-hing gummies, Kona coffee, lilikoi butter, hibiscus tea, and Maui garlic salt! It’s always interesting to see what people bring back from their travels







11 thoughts on “Capture Hawaii: Omiyage

  1. Destiny's Mom says:

    Ohh that’s nice to know we have the same here in the Philippines whenever we travel we usually make it a point that we have a little trinket( or can be a delicasy from the place that we visited) to give to our friends back home, we call it “pasalubong”

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      • Bhuwan Chand says:

        From outside we (the people around the world) may look very different, but from inside we are all the same – it shows in similar customs, cultures and personal habits. Some of the things that you notice and write about here on this blog are similar to what I too noticed when I worked with a Japanese company here in India. The Japanese seniors found it so hard to believe when I told him that I want to leave the job and work somewhere else 🙂

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      • hawaiichu says:

        Oh wow! That’s very comforting to hear we’ve shared similar experiences. It’s a very unique experience working at a Japanese company, and the customs are quite different. It’s definitely taking me a while to adjust!


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