Taste Tokyo: Rangetsu


imageWagyu Beef at Rangetsu, Ginza

One of my best Tokyo secrets is the Ginza lunches. While most high-end restaurants in Ginza can cost up to hundreds of dollars per person for dinner, these restaurants give crazy discounts on their menus during the day. My dad loves high quality meat, so we often visit Ginza to get our fill of A5 wagyu. Rangestu, one of our favorite restaurants, is famous for their sukiyaki dinner. It’s quite pricey ranging about 15,000~20,000 yen per person for dinner, but I can honestly say it’s worth the price! The beef is seasoned perfectly and simply melts in your mouth. The waitresses also dress in traditional Kimonos and cook your food at your table creating quite a lovely experience. During lunch, the restaurant sports a more casual feel and the lunch sets (pictured above) go for around 1,500~2,000yen. Despite the drop in price, I can assure you the beef is just as delicious!


15 thoughts on “Taste Tokyo: Rangetsu

  1. kokodynia says:

    Looking so good!
    Here in Poland and in Europe overall japanese restaurants are quite pricey. In Warsaw I used to visit one called Tsubame – no waitresses in Kimonos, although chef was from Japan and the food was great. By now I am on budget but I hope I will go there soon 🙂

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    • hawaiichu says:

      Thank you for your kind comment! I’m glad to hear you can get good Japanese food in Warsaw 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be luckily to check it out someday, haha! It always surprises me how pricey Japanese food is abroad, considering how easy it is to get cheap delicious food here!

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