Capture Tokyo: Cat Cafe

Nekobukuro, Ikebukuro

I finally had the opportunity to visit a cat cafe the other day! I normally consider myself more of a dog lover, but my friend convinced me and I must say, the cats were pretty adorable! Although there was no cafe aspect (it was more of a cat petting zoo), there were chairs for us to sit and about 10 or so cats walking freely around the area. It only costs 600yen and there is no limit on the time you can stay. I will say that the people to cat ratio was quite high though, so there were around 2-5 people on average surrounding each cat. It seems the poor cats couldn’t catch a break, so many of them seemed a little grumpy… especially the ones that were smothered by the young children running around. In any case, it was a fun experience, albeit it left me feeling a little sad for the tired kitties!


23 thoughts on “Capture Tokyo: Cat Cafe

  1. kokodynia says:

    Especially this cat under the blanket looks grumpy and weary of it! I know in Japan are also bunny’s cafes – I have seen a documentary 🙂
    Here, in Poland is a cat cafe in Cracow, and I know also about similar in Paris in France. I ‘ve seen it in tv, too… One woman said: “I cannot stand up, because the cat is still sleeping on my knees!” ha ha! I have to go one day 🙂

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    • hawaiichu says:

      Aww thank you for the comment! I’ve been good! What about you?? The holidays were so busy due to work and events! Things have quieted down a bit so I plan to start posting more often now 🙂 I hope you stay warm too!


      • lonesojourns says:

        I just came back from a long vacation, gallivanting from Okinawa to Seoul, then to Nagasaki, Amakusa and Kagoshima…It’s been tiring but a lot of fun & adventure!!! Now I’m back in dreadfully cold and chilly Hokkaido….*brrrrrrr shivers* 😛

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