Capture Japan: Uchiura

Uchiura Gulf, Shizuoka

Although I definitely consider myself a city girl, Japan never ceases to amaze me with the beauty of its nature! Last November I was lucky enough to travel to Uchiura, a small town in Shizuoka prefecture, for work and it was absolutely gorgeous. Although it took about 3-4 hours to reach the small town of Uchiura, riding along the coast of the Uchiura Gulf was an amazing site to see, especially at dusk! Across the gulf, we could see a stunning view of Mt. Fuji (unfortunately it was a little cloudy when I took the picture). The gulf is apparently one of the few places in Japan where you can view Mt. Fuji from across the water! The small town is mainly known for its fishing and its orange orchards, and i’s also famous from the anime, Love Live! I’ve never actually heard of this show, until I visited this town; however, it seems to be quite popular! I would definitely check it out if you’re ever in Shizuoka!


Taste Tokyo: Shirokuma Cafe


Panda-kun no Hayashi Rice at Shirokuma Cafe, Takadanobaba

I’m not sure how many of you have seen the anime Shirokuma Cafe, but apparently there’s an actual cafe open in Takadanobaba! To be honest, before visiting this restaurant, I had never actually seen or heard of the show myself, but I have a friend that really wanted to go and I decided to tag along. Luckily for me, the food was adorable and delicious! I had the hayashi rice; a dish similar to American beef stew. The cafe features all sorts of cute food and drinks with an animal theme, haha! They also feature memorablia from the show you can purchase. Here’s a link to the cafe menu if you’d like to see more ♥︎