Capture Tokyo: Ginza Six

Ginza Six, Ginza

Last weekend I recently had a chance to visit the new department store that opened up in Ginza this past April, Ginza Six.The popular new complex features high-end brands (both international domestics) along with restaurants on the 6th and 13th floor, with a traditional Japanese Noh theatre on the bottom floor.

I went on Saturday and I was surprised at how packed it was! There were security guards stationed to usher people into the building, and there were even long lines of people waiting to use the escalators. I wasn’t able to do much shopping, but I was able to see a small but beautiful Japanese bonsai exhibit on the top floor stationed in Tsutaya. For those of you who are new to Japan, Tsutaya is a popular dvd/cd/book chain store. There were around 7-10 bonsai plants of various sizes and different varieties in the exhibit. I believe the more expensive and larger trees had a price range of 10,000 USD and up. I’m not sure how long the exhibit will be running, but I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever in the area!

Capture Tokyo: DMM.PLANETS Art

DMM.PLANETS Art by teamLab.

For those of you visiting Tokyo this month, I would definitely recommend checking out the DMM.PLANETS Art exhibit at Fuji TV’s summer festival in Odaiba! It’s an absolutely gorgeous digital art exhibition and a truly unique experience. The crystal universe is quite ethereal and definitely my favorite! It really felt like a different world inside. We waited about 1hr20min in the scorching summer heat for the attraction, but it was worth it! Plus, if you go after 5:30PM, you can purchase tickets specifically for the exhibition (1,000yen). If you plan to go during the day though, please note that you might have to buy a day passport for the entire Fuji TV’s summer festival (2,000yen).We even received free waterproof cell phone holders★ Anyway, it’s a great place to check out if you’re in town as the exhibition is only up until August 31st!