Capture Tokyo: Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels ♥︎ Ikspiari, Maihama

If you’re a Disney lover in Japan, you’ve probably had the chance to visit Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. However, for those of you who aren’t willing to always shell out the $80 for a day at Disney, I would recommend visiting the Tokyo Disney Resorts and the connecting Ikspiari mall nearby. It’s a great way to recreate that magical Disney feeling without breaking your bank account. The Tokyo Disneyland hotel might not be the ritziest hotel compared to the ones in Florida or Cali, but it does have that special Disney atmosphere. There are restaurants, bars, gift shops, and even a princess hair salon and photo studio! The hotel also features a cute little Alice themed garden in the back.

The Ikspiari mall (although not super Disney themed), does have its own unique décor. It’s home to many popular clothing shops (Folli Follie, Lowrys Farm, GAP, etc.), a movie theatre, hair salons, restaurants, etc. Each part of the mall has its own unique theme (cinema theme, futuristic theme, etc.). There’s even a jungle themed restaurant inside, where customers can enjoy eating in a Disney-esque jungle, while listening to the soothing sounds of the waterfall inside the restaurant. Walking all the way to the end of the mall, we came across a cute little pond with a romantic pagoda in the middle. I would definitely recommend bringing your date here to set the mood, haha! The little pond leads to another hotel, which although it’s not the main Disney hotel, is still within walking distance of the park and is just as beautiful.

Although I’ve personally never stayed at these hotels before, I would recommend walking around the area if you want to get a taste of Disneyland outside of the parks!

Capture Tokyo: Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea, Maihama

Since Halloween is coming up, I just thought to remind everyone that in honor if its 15th year anniversary, Disney Sea is holding a villain themed Halloween celebration at their park! The park is currently all decked out in Halloween decor in preparation for that one spooky night! We were lucky enough to catch their special harbor performance, “The Villains World: Wishes and Desires”. The performance was an absolute delight to watch, and the Disney villains sang and danced on large floats while tiny motor boats with kites attached whipped around the lagoon, creating a beautiful choreographed kite dance! In any case, if you’re in Tokyo, I would definitely recommend checking out Disney Sea’s Villains themed park before Halloween ends… although I’m quite looking forward to a Christmas/winter themed Disney (that I’m sure will pop up soon after)!

Capture Tokyo: It’s a Small World


It’s a Small World, Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland will always one of my happiest places (on earth!) to visit ever since I was little! Luckily for me, there is a Tokyo Disneyland not too far from my house (less than hour or so from Tokyo station). I was a little disappointed when I first went and realized California Disneyland has more attractions than its Japanese counterpart. The Tokyo Disneyland in comparison is much smaller and the atmosphere is a little different compared to California Disneyland or Florida Disney World. However, I will say I find it amazing how the park is geared truly geared all ages from families to middle schoolers to university students to couples. Disney Japan does a great job providing entertainment for people of all ages. Disneysea even serves beer and alcohol to go with the romantic fireworks show over the late at night or the smooth gondola ride in the river! Lastly, I just want to warn you that the matchy-matchyness we occasionally see in Asian fashion (i.e. couples wearing the same clothes or friends wearing the same shirt), drastically multiplies in Tokyo Disneyland. In Japan, it’s apparently quite popular among the younger crowd to wear matching outfits in the park. I’ve even seen couples on a double date wearing all identical outfits. All four of them had the exact same clothes! In any case, Tokyo Disneyland is a great place to spend the day and forget about your worries. Try to make good use of your fast passes though as the crowds can be horrendous!