Capture Japan: Nagano Daisies

Daisies in Nagano

A short post from my short trip to Nagano. The yellow daisies by the side of the river were in full bloom, so I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures! It was so relaxing and the air was fresh and temperate up in the mountains. I would love to have stayed a little longer☆


Capture Tokyo: Blush Roses in Yoyogi Park

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 5.35.38 PM

Blush Roses in Yoyogi Park

It’s beginning to look a lot like….. Summer ☀︎! It’s been quite humid and hot in Tokyo these past  couple of weeks, and I can already feel the dreaded summer heat slowly beginning to creep in. Living in Hawaii the majority of my life, most people automatically assume I love and thrive hot weather, which is true to some extent; however, I must clarify that Hawaii heat and Japan heat are two completely different things. Summer in Hawaii is hot, yes, but Hawaii has trade winds to make the summer heat bearable, which are nice, cool, breezy, beautiful winds (I am so thankful for) that originate from the Northeast across the Pacific Ocean. Japan, however, lacks any sort of cool breeze in its humid summer. It’s like walking through sheets of warm, wet, soggy water, and when the wind blows, it’s equivalent to the burst of heat you get when opening an oven (August is the worst)! That being said, May/June are one of my favorite months in Japan, since it’s right in between the chilly, windy early-Spring weather and the blistering late-Summer heat. Perfect weather for picnics and barbecues! Plus all of the flowers are in bloom🌺  I took this picture a while back during a picnic in Yoyogi Park with one of my friends and his family. Although Yoyogi can be incredibly crowded on the weekends, its mini rose garden and lush greenery is a breath of fresh air in the city… and I might as well enjoy it before it gets too hot to go outside!

Capture Tokyo: Hydrangea in Yotsuya

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 5.36.05 PM

Hydrangea or Ajisai in Yotsuya, Tokyo

As I was riding on the train back from my business trip today, I was lucky enough to see a beautiful field of hydrangea blooming on one side of the mountain! It was like a sea of pink and blue ♥︎. A couple years ago I actually learned from a friend that the soil pH will dictate the color of the most common Hydrangea species found in Japan. Acidic soil will turn the flowers blue while alkaline soil will change the flowers into a rosy deep pink. Anyway, I guess rainy season is about to begin in Tokyo☂!

(This picture was taken a few years ago back when I was studying at Sophia University)