Taste Japan: Homemade Soba

Countryside Teuchi Soba in Yamanouchi

On our way up to visit the snow monkey park, we passed by a small soba or buckwheat noodle specialty shop …in the middle of nowhere. The restaurant was small and cozy, and really gave off a true inaka or countryside vibe. The soba was all handmade and fresh, making it extra delicious on a hot summer day! Soba is definitely one of my favorite Japanese foods. It’s such a simple dish, but I never get tired of eating it. Plus, my grandparents used to say it’s relatively healthy for you (although I’m not sure how much of that is backed by science, haha). If you do get the chance to try soba in Japan, please go to a regular soba shop, as the convenience store soba does not do the dish any justice!

Taste Tokyo: Teuchi Udon Kanouya


Hand-made Udon at Kanouya, Asakusa 

Today’s lunch! One of my favorite dishes to eat during the summer in Japan is cold noodles. It’s so refreshing and rejuvenating on a hot, muggy days. Soba, soumen, udon, hiyashi chuuka, tsukemen… chilled noodles with some ice-cold barley tea is my idea of a perfect summer lunch!