Capture Japan: Karuizawa

Karuizawa, Nagano

I know summer is creeping up on us already, so I wanted to post about a famous resort area in Japan that I recommend visiting! Karuizawa is a quaint city located in Nagano Prefecture (about 1hr away via Shinkansen). Many famous celebrities are known for frequenting the area… such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono as well as other Japanese celebrities. The luxury inns or ryokan in Karuizawa offer beautiful private villas for its upper class customers. Many of the buildings look distinctly European or Japanese, so the city has a very unique appeal and aesthetic.

Karuizawa is most popular in the summer due to its cool and breezy weather and lush greenery. In the 1900s, many wealthy merchants who owned ritzy boutiques in Ginza would set up second stores in Karuizawa in the summer to escape the scorching hot weather in Tokyo (hence the old shopping area in Karuizawa was named “Ginza” after its Tokyo counterpart). However, the newer area of Karuizawa, south of the station, is host to a brand new outlet shopping mall, which includes all the luxury European designers (Prada, Saint Laurent, Gucci, etc.). Aside from shopping, there are many hikes, golf courses, and other activities tourists can partake in!

While I wasn’t able to visit Karuizawa in the summer, I did get the chance to go this past February. During the winter, the city turns into a ski resort with relaxing hot springs or onsens! We ended up staying at one of the Prince Hotels (which is a Western Style Hotel). The hotel had a shuttle that would take us from the hotels (West, East, and Villa, The Prince, and Asama, I think) to the ski area, shopping mall, and station, so it was incredibly convenient. Although the winter scenery was beautiful, I would love to visit this city again during summer if I get the chance. Any chance to escape the summer heat!


Taste Japan: Butter Corn Ramen


Butter Corn Ramen at Sapporo’s Ramen World

Beer, seafood, ramen…. and milk products! Four delicacies everybody must try when visiting Sapporo. Unfortunately for me, the last time I went to Sapporo I caught a severe case of the flu, leaving me unable to drink beer or milk…. but luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on some of Sapporo’s famous butter corn ramen! On our last night, we were able to visit the famous Sapporo Ramen Kyowakyoku, otherwise known as Ramen World, and I was able to order the famous dish. The buttery warm soup broth was absolutely delicious and perfect on a chilly Hokkaido night. The corn surprisingly meshed together well with the noodles! I will say that butter corn ramen is definitely second on my favorite ramen list (after tonkotsu ramen, of course)! For all those ramen lovers out there, I would definitely recommend going to the Sapporo Ramen Kyowakyoku if you get the chance. There are tons of little ramen shops to try with all sorts of specialties to choose from!