Taste Tokyo: Raw Snow Crab & A5 Beef


Rangetsu, Ginza

It’s always nice to treat yourself! Tonight we went to my favorite Ginza restaurant, Rangetsu, famous for their premium A5 Japanese beef. The beef is so tender that it really does just melt in your mouth as soon as it touches your tongue! The sauce they use for the sukiyaki is also delicious. It’s like a sweet soy sauce mixed with sweetened Japanese cooking rice wine that really brings out the flavor of the meat and veggies. I know I’ve already posted about this restaurant before (so you can read more about it here ♥︎Taste Tokyo: Rangetsu♥︎), but I just wanted to note that they also had a special Snow Crab Sashimi dish tonight. I personally prefer to eat my crab cooked and with butter, but this was the first time I’ve seen raw crab on the menu!


Taste Tokyo: J.S. Burgers


J.S. BURGERS CAFE (Shinjuku Brach)

I can always count on my friends to introduce me to all these cute trendy restaurants around Tokyo! Today’s pick is J.S. Burgers Cafe. A casual burger joint with a classic menu and taste (plus it’s quite affordable). If you’re in the mood for American-style 100% beef hamburgers, this is one great option to fulfill that craving. They have branches in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Ikebukuro.